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Application in Metal Anticorrosion

Applications in Industry
2018/04/27 15:32
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  April 24, 2017 is the ninth “World Corrosion Day”。 Many people might think that corrosion problem is common to all of us. It's not a matter. But Mr.Han Enhou, who is the chairman of World Corrosion Organization, the director of National Metal Corrosion Control Engineering Technology Research Center, a researcher at Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute, talked to a center media in an interview, that corrosion is causing  environment pollution, influencing people's quality of life; Corrosion leads to catastrophic accidents that directly threaten people's safety. Corrosion is a common challenge faced by all mankind, which involves consuming resources, affecting the environment and affecting human health. The total cost of corrosion in China is about 5% of GDP, and the cost of corrosion is greater than that of all natural disasters. The damage caused by Wenchuan Earthquake was 0.85 trillion RMB. In the same year, we lost 1.5 trillion RMB due to corrosion.
  There are many kinds of corrosion, and various ways to prevent corrosion as well. To our desiccant dehumidification, there is a corrosion associated with us, which is metal corrosion. We know that the corrosion of the metal must have three necessary conditions: is Polarities (cathode and anode), electrolytes, and oxygen.
  A common metal anticorrosion method is coating, which can isolate oxygen from metal to prevent corrosion. But we must face the problem of high cost, short lifetime, pollution and difficulties in painting.
  It was proved by scientist Vernon that corrosion of steel is relative to the RH and have nothing to do with temperature. When a steel in an environment RH below 60% the ratio of corrosion is super low but in over 60% RH environment the corrosion become vey quick.
  That is a big chance for a desiccant dehumidification technology. Over decades experience rotor dehumidification had been widely used to anticorrosion in bridges, power station and other steel contractures.