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How to determine a Coobase rotor is working regularly?

Questions and Answers
2018/04/27 15:37
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  To determine if a desiccant wheel works well , first of all, we need observe the wheel appearance: Coobase rotors are distinguished by the coating color for different types. The surface of a CBS silica gel rotor is red, CBM molecular sieve rotor is dark gray, CBG green rotor is blackish green, CBX combined rotor one side of silica gel is red another side of molecular sieve is grey. If the surface color of the wheel does not change, the surface hardness can endure the pressure of 3bar without deformation, and the intact structure without damage indicates that the rotor appearance is normal.
  Secondly, we should check the drive and seal of the wheel, and the structure of the equipment,if all of them are in good condition. The seals is broken or not, wheel driving system is slipped or not and the circling time fits the original design. Check the air leakage of the equipment in positive pressure side and negative pressure position to evaluate affects to the dehumidification performance of the wheel.
  Finally, it is the detection of the dehumidification performance of the wheel. If the output of humidity is abnormal, we need to determine the dehumidifying capacity of the rotor by two directions:
  One is Dehumidifying side. We can measure the temperature and humidity changes in processing air channel before and after the wheel. In normal conditions, the dry bulb temperature will rise up and the moisture content will decrease. The higher temperature raised, the more moisture content reduced. If the actual staus does not conform to this logic means there is some problems in equipment seal system.
  Another is regeneration side. We can detect the change of temperature and humidity before and after the wheel in regeneration air channel. The change of the regeneration side should be an increase of moisture content accompany with a decrease of temperature. The more moisture increased the more temperature declined. If the actual staus does not conform to this logic means the same problems in equipment seal system.
  Normally the changes of moisture and temperature should be mutual echo between the process side and regeneration side. If the air volume ratio of processing and regeneration is 3:1, the changed moisture ratio of processing and regeneration should be 1:3.
  If all phenomenon conform to the logic described above means the equipment works correctly. As for the capacity of wheel we need contrast the test results with designed drawing to determine if it declines or not. For more assistance pleas turn to our website to download DesMod and Enthalpy Parameter Tool.
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