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Support Tool

  -  COOBASE Capacity Performance  -  
  Mature manufacturing technolgy
  The core media of Coobase rotor is manufactured using Sweden's mature production technology in a US production facility. The stability, reliability and high adsorption efficiency of the products were experienced by decades in the market. The effective adsorption material of Coobase rotor is 82% of core material, so it has high adsorption efficiency. It was proved by NREL US that the adsorption efficiency of Coobase rotor is 8.5% higher than contrasting samples.
  Excellent fireproof performance
  The core media of Coobase rotor had been tested by US ASTME according to E-84 and achieved a flame-spread index of 0 and a smoke index 0.。
  Safe Hygiene Standards
 The core media of Coobase rotor had been tested by IARC, there is no any risk of carcinogenic. And also Complied with OSHA's health requirements.
  Long Lifetime, Easy Maintenance
  Coobase rotors can be cleaned by 4Bar pressurized air or washed by non-alkaline water, with dismountable bolts for tightening and maintenance.

  -  COOBASE Wheel Structure  -  

  Anti-corrosion and Accuracy
  All metal parts of Coobase rotors are cut by laser machine or processed by CNC machines, revited or 弹性选择空间 Optional Order
  Optional Order
  COOBASE Coobase supply all kinds of depth such as 50mm,100mm,200mm,300mm,400mm,60mm.etc. At same time additional flange such as 25mm, 30mm,40mm,50mm and rotor with cassette are available as well.
  Humanized Design
  All Coobase products are designed for users easy use and maintenance. Lift rings are installed on each wheels which diameter is more than 500mm, and dismountable bolts are settled on each wheels diameter over 770mm for tightening and maintenance. We design two semicircle structure for easy transportation and installation.

-  COOBASE Professional Service  -  

  Professional Pre-sales support
  Coobase experienced engineers can support users in model selecting by DesMod software and Enthalpy Parameter tools.
  High Replaceability
  In the same capacity of many brands desiccant wheel Coobase rotor can be OEM ordered and replace any other brand wheels in the market.
  Safe After-sales Expereince  
 Coobase skilled after-sales team can service our customers effective and timely support, and can repair and replace products when users need.