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About Coobase

Wuhan Coobase Facilities Company Limited. is a professional company based on all kinds of desiccant rotors  manufacture and sales.

The founding team have worked in the dehumidification industry for dacades,

cooperating together with Swedish and American experts. 

Information and News

The 28th China Refrigeration Exhibition Notes
The 28th China Refrigeration Exhibition opened on April 12, 2017. For the first time, COOBASE Siliconstone Wheeler attracted a great deal of attention and praise. Mr. Ulf Zetterstrom of Sweden also ru
Application in Pharmaceutical industry
There are amount of dosage forms in pharmaceutical, and many of them need to control the environment humidity in manufacturing, such as tablet, suppository, powder, liniment, ampoule, capsule, blood p
Application in Food industry
With the increasing of requirement for food safety and quality, more and more important for us to control humidity in food processing. In most case the humidity control decide the products quality dir
Application in Electronic industry
Because of some of raw materials and substrates are sensitive to moisture, we need to control the environment humidity during the processing program to ensure the quality and qualified rate. Such as P